"We Care"
Employee Giving Campaign

August 19, 2016 - June 30, 2016
Download the "We Care" Employee Giving brochure.

Each year Dillard University employees support the institution through an annual giving campaign that enhances our ability to serve our students and demonstrate the "Dillard Difference.”  Participating in our Employee Giving Campaign sends a resounding message to the Dillard community and to our friends around the country that our employees are committed to our mission beyond their outstanding work inside of the classrooms and throughout our campus.

This year, we’re giving a name to our effort.  The “We Care” giving campaign. Gifts to the “We Care” Campaign can be made through payroll deduction, a one-time gift by cash, check or credit card, or through gift planning made through the Dillard Office of Development.Non-monetary contributions can also be made through your participation in the annual UNCF Walk/Run and donations of food or clothing to the United Way.Our goal this year is to have 100 percent participation.

That means we need YOU!  Give today and change a student’s life forever.To donate online, visit


Last fiscal year, YOU donated a total of  
$33,813.82. Thank You!

Help us raise the bar this fiscal year by June 30th to $50,000 with 100% employee participation. We can do it! GIVE TODAY! 

Dillard's "We Care" Giving Campaign:

  • increases scholarship opportunities for students
  • helps raise critical S.A.F.E. Fund emergency aid
  • replenishes Fair Dillard Fund operating dollars

Dillard employees are an incredibly generous group. Thank you for being a part of student success through your work and your gifts! Whether you give a little or a lot, your gift is a lifeline to a talented student.

Dillard Mask
DU Mask for your donation of $40 or more (while supplies last).

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Eminent Presidential Associates

Membership in the Eminent Associates is also available to faculty & staff who support the Fair Dillard and S.A.F.E. funds. Download the Brochure.

President's Annual Donor Recogintion Reception

Attendance to the Donor Recognition Reception is available to faculty & staff who make a gift of $1,000 or more per year to the University.  This year the reception is May 17, 2020.

Employee Giving Campaign Video
How to Direct Your Gift 
Ways To Give

Payroll Deduction
An easy, convenient way to make a one-time gift or spread your gift out over multiple, ongoing payments taken straight from your paycheck. Your online form will be submitted directly to the Office of Annual Fund.

Give Online
Visit our secure online giving site to make a credit card gift anytime.

UNCF Walk  
SAVE THE DATE: This year's UNCF Walk For Education TBA.

Participate in Dillard University's GIVING TUESDAY on December 3rd, 2020. Let's make this year even bigger than last year!!

Gift Planning
Contact our Director of Development. (

Check or Credit Card
Return the contribution form to the Annual Fund Office.

Every contribution to Dillard is viewed as important. Whether it is great or small, donations like yours help build our Fair Dillard