come back &
give back

Your reunion year provides an excellent opportunity to support the University in a way that is personally meaningful to you. Your gift can be designated to your school, athletics, need-based scholarships, or any initiative across the campus.

Gifts and pledges to all University related schools and programs during the fiscal year are recognized in the class total. Your gift will be counted in the class giving total, which is measured in two ways: total dollars contributed and class participation rate. The fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30.

There are many ways to support your class effort. Reunion giving recognizes unrestricted gifts; endowment gifts; capital gifts; and planned gifts and bequests.

You can make your payments online with a credit card, or you can give cash, stocks and bonds, or mutual fund shares.

Thank you for taking time to consider your gift to the University in honor of your reunion.


Class Progress SO FAR
(Deadline June 30, 2017)

Reunion Year Class Gifts % Participation 
5th 2012 $32.50 1.32%
10th 2007 $650.14 3.24%
15th 2002 $3,577.46 4.83%
20th 1997  $1,550.00 3.11%
25th 1992 $3,384.18 3.95%
30th 1987  $1,900.00 3.13%
35th 1982 $70,012.16 12.61%
40th 1977  $28,250.00 9.57%
45th 1972  $8,310.00 12.39%
50th 1967  $13,801.00 14.91%
55th 1962 $9,501.00 15.04%
60th 1957  $6,600.00 4.81%
65th 1952  $3,050.00 1.00%
70th 1947 $1,025.00 5.13%
75th 1942 $1,000.00 2.78%
Total To Date $143,075.60 5.46%
Last updated 4/25/2017

Reunion Giving FAQ 

Why am I being asked to give during my reunion year?
Dillard depends on the generosity, enthusiasm, and class camaraderie its reunion classes. Successful reunion classes set the pace for the entire year and help to inspire other classes to give. Your class gift, along with those of other reunion classes, will have a profound impact on the Dillard's ability to continue to offer a premier liberal arts education.

How much should I give?
Your participation matters most. Everyone is encouraged to participate in her or his reunion class gift. Levels of support will vary from class to class, and from person to person, but if you can make a "stretch" gift of $1,000 or more please do so. 
Please remember, every gift - no matter the size - is meaningful to the Dillard and Reunion Gift competition is based on both dollars and participation rates, so every gift is significant!

When should I make my gift?

The fiscal year begins July 1 and ends June 30. All gifts must be received between those dates in order to be counted in your class reunion gift totals.

What can I do to encourage or solicit my classmates to make a special reunion gift?
There are my ways you can help encourage your fellow classmates to give this year.For more information contact 504 816-4696.

What gifts are included in my class totals?
Gifts to any area of the University made between July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017 will count toward reunion class totals. This includes annual gifts, planned gifts, matching gifts, endowed gifts, and capital gifts that are fulfilled by June 30, 2017.