your support of the safe fund in action



For Richard Johnson, nursing major, the $1,300 he received from the SAFE Fund was a life saver. “It basically saved my life and that of my two girls,” he said. Johnson found himself in an unimaginable position last spring when he was suddenly thrust into the role of a single parent to his two and three year old daughters. Although Johnson worked at the casino at that time, he was forced to take another job that would allow him more time with his children and still maintain his studies at Dillard.

Unfortunately, his employment at a local supermarket was not enough to make ends meet and he and his children sought shelter where they could find it. They eventually found themselves homeless. Dillard’s Keys to Degrees, which provides accommodations for single parents was able to assist him with housing on campus; however, he still fell short of funds needed to continue his education.

That’s when he was referred to financial aid and applied for emergency help through the SAFE Fund. He is now back on track with his studies and should be a sophomore by the end of the semester. Johnson is one of six siblings and the first in his family to attend college.